The British State is so dead even the zombies are running


Siobhan Tolland

Everyone can see it. It is on its knees clutching a gaping neck wound from that zombie that’s just lumbered away. Its fever has spiked and the heart is about to stop. Indeed, it is deader than that. And two very recent events show just how critical the state is.

In bygone days when ‘imperialism’ wasn’t a dirty word, Great, Wonderful, Super Britain sailed the seas in search of wealth and riches. It was all so romantic with traveller’s tales of the exotic. Our Great British Empire went from strength to strength.

Of course the very hidden history of Super Britain is that it was based on power, greed and racial superiority. As we raped the far-away lands of their resources and suppressed their people and culture, we told them it was for their own good. We were bringing them civilisation.

After the Second World War, America became increasingly expansive and consolidated its position as the new empire. The UK hung on to its coat tails like that wee creep that does the errands for the school bully. There is no real power on the international stage, but the school kids are scared of him just the same.

You can tell when power is in panic mode. They fire off random cliché strategies without any real coherence or sense. Throwing all the strategies that worked in the past, all together, all at once in a fearful lash out. Think Jim Murphy bouncing all over the place during the election. The best example of declining power if ever we saw it.

We saw this panicked response during the referendum. Fairweather sentiments such as ‘we love you’, ‘we hate you’, ‘you are wonderful’, ‘you are pathetic’ being thrown all over the place. False promises of ‘we will change, honest’. Alongside this was the childish bullying, ‘you can’t keep the pound’, ‘prices will rise’, ‘oil is running out’. Screaming at their partner as she walks out for good, ‘You could never make it on your own!!!!!!!!!’ They even tried the old, ‘I am pregnant’ routine. It was desperate and somewhat embarrassing.

The weekend leading up to the referendum saw YESers dancing in the street, laughing and singing, swathing the streets in a wave of colour and celebration. It was at that moment, I knew independence was inevitable. The YES campaign created a new culture that the UK establishment could not comprehend, and it rendered the British state irrelevant. Scotland had found a desert island and the UK was still floundering at sea.

 And so, when YES lost the referendum it was disappointing but it was pretty clear that this was only a stay of execution for the UK state. They’d saved the Union but it was really a false victory and that was clear. It was Croatia beating Germany at football. Good on Croatia and all that, but you know it’s a pure fluke. The unprecedented surge in SNP support showed that clearly.

But the collapse of the British state goes beyond the Independence movement. This movement can be seen as a challenge from the margins. Structural breaks are occurring from the very core of the state itself. Steel load-bearing girders rusting and crumbling. This is revealed every time the Westminster child abuse scandal appears. Every time it resurfaces we see power slipping out of the hands of the state that little bit more.

Putting aside the sheer horror at the high level state child abuse and the continuous cover ups of this, every time it crops up (and a new version is revealed almost every month it seems) the same phrase rings in my mind, over and over. The Empire is dead. Fifteen years ago, mentioning a Westminster abuse ring would be seen as the creation from a delusional mind. Now, we accept this as fact. The state is losing control and cannot hide their monstrous self.

From a historical perspective, we should not underestimate the importance of this scandal. Each dark, dirty little secret revealed showing, ever increasingly, the heart of the state that can no longer be hidden. I suspect that these revelations hide deeper secrets, and those implicated are fall guys to protect the darker heart. Cutting off the tentacles to save the beast. But these revelations keep coming to the fore repeatedly. What this tells us is that they cannot control the information.

When the German empire fell, the real truths and secrets began seeping out. The truths of their rule revealed as their power collapsed around them. Hiding the horrors became more and more difficult as their empire collapse around them. The true horror of the German state and its disintegration came hand in hand.

Historically, we are seeing the same process happening here. If the state can’t keep their vile, dirty little secrets anymore, then they are losing control, absolutely and fundamentally. And what can be more vile than an organised child abuse running rife within Westminster, the BBC and even the royal household?

We are told this abuse is historical, but I think we would have to be extremely naive to believe this. As if one day, everyone just decided to no longer be part of an illegal and vicious abuse ring and go and play golf instead. We also have to note that there has been no real accountability within the BBC regarding Saville. They knew that he shouldn’t be near kids but set him up with a kid’s programme. That is grooming in any other context and, yet, no one has been held accountable.

We also have to note that the first three people to head up the large scale investigation into this had to resign because they were connected to those close to events. Imagine the head of the Nuremberg trials being revealed as being a friend of one of the SS officers. How could this not be seen as a cover up? And that makes the process very much contemporary.

And so as we mark these events in within the long historical context, it is difficult not to see how these events mark the end of days for the British state. There have always been threats to the state, but recent events are showing challenges that strike at the state on a very fundamental and irreparable level. It is stage four, terminal.

So what next for the UK as the last vestiges of its power becomes ever increasingly challenged? Well the shift to the right is very clear, as the state lashes out against the vulnerable to hide their crimes and retain its power. We know how powerful the state can be. We saw the humiliation and execution of Greece as it challenged the financial structures.

We can see Westminster punishing Scotland for daring to leave by setting us up with an overseer, cutting our budget and shafting any attempts to show a different path: our innovative renewable energy structure for instance.

Power will never voluntarily give up power. It will fight to retain it at any cost. And despite the panic, it will regroup and push back to re-assert their authority. And the bigger the challenge, the worse the back lash will be. You don’t become an empire by being nice. I can guarantee one thing, then. The British state will not go down without a fight. And it will probably leave us begging for a zombie apocalypse.


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