New Left Alliance Reveals Its Name Ahead Of Launch Event

Chris Napier

We’ve known for a few months now that a new left wing party, centred around the Scottish Left Project / Radical Independence Campaign and the Scottish Socialist Party would contest next May’s Holyrood elections, but a week before the new organisation’s launch event, their name has been revealed as ‘Rise – Scotland’s Left Alliance.’

The name, with its inspirational and revolutionary overtones has been chosen as an acronym reflecting the group’s political and organizational ethos.

Respect: We stand for a society where we end racism, sexism, discrimination on the grounds of sexuality and where people of all backgrounds, colours and creeds are treated with respect and dignity.

Independence: We stand for Independence for Scotland. But our Independence is based on ending neoliberalism, austerity and the membership of NATO. We are for ending the monarchy and putting people in charge.

Socialism: We are for a social alternative to capitalism where people run the affairs of our society democratically and where the vast resources of society are utilised in common, rather than for the super-rich.

Environmentalism: We believe that environmentalism must be central to social change. Our world is being destroyed by the ruthless pursuit of profit over everything else. Sustainable ecology – where we maximise our enormous renewable energy potential to power Scotland – at the heart of a radical vision for change.

A result of the wave of popular political engagement which characterised the referendum campaign, Rise seeks to unite a diverse coalition of progressives such as ‘anti-austerity campaigns, anti-racist activists, left organisations including the SSP, trade unionists, cultural figures and academics’ under one banner with the aim of gaining representation and making a left wing voice heard in parliament.

With the new movement’s exact policies and organisational structure yet to be decided, much of what Rise stands for and how it is to be achieved is yet to be nailed down, but the first step on that road is at the launch event on August 29th and if you’re interested in being a part of that then a full timetable and tickets can be found here.

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