“OPEN FIRE!” – Sub-human solutions from behind a British keyboard


By Alan Stares


The internet can be a really braw place! Almost every single piece of information on any topic can be accessed with a few clicks and as a tool it almost (almost, not completely) replaces the need for contemporary schooling of any kind as literature, music, art, science, engineering can all be learned to an extremely competent level with a few downloads and videos.

It is also a place of fantastic expression with all kinds of people from all walks of life being given a voice to discuss, debate or simply say their piece. Of course this comes at a price for as we all know the world is also home to the most horrible, ill informed shite hammers and they too must have the right to be given a voice (as is the nature of free speech) but it is not so much what they say which is shocking but rather who is saying it.


If one looks on any comments section from bog roll websites like the Daily Mail you can see a fine use of this type of mindset.

A perfect example would be the recent migrant crisis where back in May innocent people were fleeing a war torn country by boat to the island of Kos, a favourite place for British holidaymakers and…..immigrants (let that sink in!) The lack of sympathy for these people was nothing short of shocking with Kos being described as a “Hell hole” for said holiday makers having to suffer the inconvenience of stepping over starving, traumatised people and the general opinion that they should be shot at by actual firearms with even reigning Queen slack fanny Katie Hopkins suggesting that gunships be used on these poor people (Of course I doubt she even has an opinion either way or even cares as she is just one big ploy to sell papers by way of sensationalism…..but that’s another story for another time!)

Aside from faceaches like Hopkins these heartless suggestions unfortunately don’t come from the slabber hawks at Britain First or even the BNP as one would expect but from 50+ upper middle class people who have lived all their lives in a cosy bubble, probably in a sleepy village somewhere in Tory hard middle England (Let’s cut the beef equally though, they are here in Scotland too as this Kilmacolm boy can testify to!)

The vile spewings conjure images of fat old women with a constant snarl and nasty gold jewellery who have probably never worked  a day in their lives. The kind of people that don’t like anything new and get their malnourished but equally vicious BMW owning, suit wearing husbands to complain about everything if a single thing is wrong (or even if it’s not) and have never used the words ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ in their black magic stained pawed and saggy titted life.


Of course they are not the only ones. The misinformed youth of today in all areas of the UK (and the world) have been swept up in what is little more than neo nazi bullshit from the press which unfortunately and sadly appeals to their much lacking sense of belonging. These organisations provide a sense of that belonging when it should be coming from family, friends or creative groups but hate has always been a powerful attraction for lost souls who wear it as armour. Sometimes though it isn’t too late for the young to change their ways but it is the aforementioned ‘grown ups’ that harbour a harrowing lust for destruction of anything that doesn’t fit their world or threatens to invade it.

These are the real people who are the problem with Britain today, clinging to some fantasy image of a once great nation that was never really great to begin with and using it as an excuse to hate on brown people who through media programming are no longer seen as human, an identical technique used by one Adolf Hitler when he targeted the Jews.

In their lilly white world they sit with their coffee and cake inside a cosy cottage (a sweet location for such abhorrently sour output) and give opinions on things which they clearly know nothing about or have learned directly from the sanitary pads of media like the Mail or the Torygraph whereas if the tables were turned and the same vitriol were spat about them from other countries they would without a doubt be called “Savages”

“Look in the mirror of your fellow man and see yourself as you wish to be seen!”
Some scruffy writer somewhere making quotes up


The Daily Mail website and article on Kos refugees. I refuse to post a link to that toilet of a site so look it up yourself.

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